Our Pricing

You don't pay for services, you pay for the results you get!

Our approach is unique and entirely revolves around you even when it comes to our pricing.

Unlike your ordinary Business Consultant who would charge per hour or per project fee regardless of the outcome, we do it differently.

We always think about you and your business first and make it easier for you to work with us. We have found that most businesses prefer to pay in one of two different ways, and we have adopted those two ways in our pricing methods.

You can choose to pay a flat fixed monthly fee or pay nothing up front and only share with us a percentage of the new business we bring in. See below what is the difference between the two and chose one that fits you better.

Note: Our fees are always in the currency you work with! With clients spread across the globe, we are comfortable working with all major currencies.

PERCENTAGE BASED FEEWe only get paid when you get paid!Pay a percentage

  • We take a percentage from the new business WE BRING IN
  • We only get paid when you get paid
  • You pay nothing up front
  • You pay nothing if you don’t get any new revenue (warning — this never happens!)
  • We don’t ask for a percentage of any revenue that is not a direct result of our efforts — any revenue that you had or bring is yours to keep
  • The percentage we get is basically the reward for our efforts, and it keeps us motivated to develop your business
  • Best for non-existent or newly started online businesses
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FIXED FLAT FEEYou pay a fixed monthly fee so you can budget well!Pay a flat fee

  • We charge you a fixed flat fee per month for developing your online business
  • That fee doesn’t change from month to month so you can plan your budget accordingly
  • You pay the same even if we end up spending 10x the time working on your business than the month before
  • You pay the same regardless of the amount your new business brings in (warning — it will increase!)
  • You get to keep all earnings that your new online business lines generate
  • Best for established online businesses or for owners who prefer a flat fee over the percentage based fee
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