Ivo Piskov

Mr. Ivaylo Piskov

Managing Partner

Mr. Piskov, or Ivo, as most of MCP clients know him, is an Online Business and Internet Sales expert, highly skilled wizard, consultant, coach and mentor.

His passion is helping companies, owners, and individuals win new online business, get more new internet sales, and increase the rate of repeated online sales.

Known for his hands-on, down to earth, no-bullshit approach and his ability to apply simple, practical, tested, effective, and easy-to-implement power-sale concepts, over the last 15+ years, Ivo has lead MCP to become the trusted adviser to more than 5000 clients in more than 450 industries worldwide.

In his time working with clients, Ivo has identified the patterns that drive business growth as well as those that limit and restrict growth, and together with MCP he has developed a unique approach to apply those best practices and quick-wins to virtually any online business. For example, Ivo shows his clients how to create a powerful advantage over their competition by taking success concepts from different industries and adapting them to their own specific businesses -- an approach that has proven to work brilliantly and with high impact on business growth, time and again.

Ivo is praised by many businesses about his unique approach of partnering with the company and growing their online business and sales. Unlike most business consultants and strategists, Ivo will not just sell you wisdom, or promise results, or throw you some tactics, then leave you to implement unclear methods yourselves. Instead, he will sit down with you and apply the methods so you get the results. His unique coaching by doing together method and his nature to take his clients’ business personally, and act like his own livelihood depends on their success, are two of the main reasons that MCP clients stick around for many years, and those who leave, come back within a year.

Ivo's friendly personality combined with his blunt 'tell-it-as-it-is' language, his online business acumen, together with his practical suggestions that work for your business in the real world, make him a highly successful online business marketing strategist, an impactful master of revenue, performance enhancement accelerator, an authority of online business and internet sales growth, an online business innovator, and the ideal entrepreneurial adviser and mentor.